YWXLight was founded in 2010. The company is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting products. After many years of successful development their product line has expanded and enjoys a great reputation. Based on the domestic market, the company aim to develop into an international brand. The company has been using its high quality to win customers and has been guided by market demands in order to create a series of energy saving and environmentally safe products.

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However, if it's not love that's got you interested in what's going on upstairs, then having this handy for welcoming unwelcome intruders may be a good choice. <br><br> The pircing light alone would have one covering their eyes, but switch to the rapid flashing light and confusion will also prevail hopefully avoiding the need of last resort which is obviously having to use the menacing baton, as being honest nobody wants any situation to deteriorate into a physical confrontation.<br><br> Used correctly the blinding rapid light aimed at a hostile, plus the look and if near enough touch will be enough to encourage an intruder to run, so no harm done or laws violated, yes, because we live in a world where the householder can be in trouble when someone violating your space, with who knows what weapon or intention wrongfully in your home is protected by the law also, can see you locked up if you happen to react to strongly through fear to the threat.<br><br> So as good as a deterrent that this is, be careful and learn how to react to hostile situations first so you know your limits.
DESCRIPCIÓN <br>Descripción:<br>Una billetera decente es el mejor amigo de un hombre. Si necesitas un lugar para poner tus centavos ganados, entonces estás de suerte. ¡Esta billetera de cuero PU es tu mejor opción!<br><br>Principales características:<br>- Monedero de embrague portátil de doble función.<br>- Cierre de cremallera a presión hace las cosas fáciles para usted.<br>- Material duradero de cuero PU, toque acogedor que te brinda una sensación cómoda.<br>- Capacidad adecuada para su teléfono celular, tarjeta, foto, etc.<br>- Diseño dos en uno, tu mejor socio comercial.
I ordered 4 items, on what was clearly stated the option of warm white, and a luminosity of 900 - 1000LM. I intended to replace old lamps of 80-100W, with about 1100-1300 LM. These lamps are a bit better than a previous purchase of 400-500 LM, but definitely far from the 900-1000 LM. Also, the order got mixed up, and I ended up receiving 3 cold whites and a warm white, instead of the ordered 4 warm whites.<br>I don't recommend the product if the goal is for intense lighting. Other than that, that are ok.
well this lamp is very adjustable. its plastic not metall.<br>u have 2 manuell focus one for left and right. <br>2 poewer modi, left and right, 1 tactical, and all 2 lamps together.<br>for the akku, i use 2 18650 protected with increased pluspol. <br>without increased pluspol i cant use the lamp, only with 1 neodyme magnet<br>at the pluspol to increase it.<br>the lamp is a lttle heavy, not for running but for working and walking.<br>the balance is ok, it fits good at my head.<br>great product.<br>recommended
VERY bright lights<br>It is LED inside with translucent piping all over it<br>watt usage per hour is very high with upto 100watts at times <br>apart from power consumption, this lightstrip is perfect.<br>no cons whatsoever<br><br>One warning is that cut from only marked areas. If cut from anywhere else, the smaller side of the strip will just be rendered useless.
I'm plenty satisfied with it, specially the green version (I don't for over single color) instead of the multicolor in which the light is not strong enough but you have the full panel of colors in fixed mode, in blinking mode there's even less light and panel colors. <br>the product is very well made and the waterproof protection is at its best. <br>I use it on my bagpack for bycicling every day in every weather conditions.
It is advertised as a night safety shoe clip, but i actually bought it for parties. It does its job pretty well for the money and it's a tight fit (it wont fall off). I would recommend this to anyone for night safety and also for parties (you get to be interesting)
Ηταν αυτο που ηθελα, επειδη είναι δυσκολο στο μπαλκονι να βαλω με ρευμα, εψαχνα με μπαταρια και στεγανα. Περσι εβαλα και σακουλα για να τα προστατεψω , δεν ειχα κανενα θεμα. Φετος δεν θα βαλω για να δω την αντοχη τους , παντως καλυψα αρκετα τετραγωνικα στο μπαλκονι , πηρα 4 , 5μετρα με τιμη γύρω στα 22 ευρω . Εδω ελλαδα βρισκεις το 1 μετρο 8 ευρω :) .
I want to be able to have a night light in my powder room for safety but also as a decoration, it needs to be able to handle turning to the side to hold the decorative stained glass covers, I love being able to decorate for each season and Holiday using this fixture and putting a decorative stained glass Switchable light cover over it
Works perfectly fine. Does have a good fit.<br><br>YWLight LED Shoe Clip Light Night Safety Warning Light for Shoes Protector - BLUE<br><br>Ps: Have them also in green. (blue was a present)
g9 led lamps with cold light paid so less than in the hobby shop in the house but very very good, they make a bright light but not annoying, they are covered with a plastic case so as to avoid damaging them
My lamp turns off from full brightness in a second and a half by holding your finger on the on/off tab on the touch panel, five different colored light from bright bluish to maybe a dull red or yellow, not suitable as a night light but could be pretty close with the most red/yellow at the lowest brightness
They work and provide suficient lighting to not notice that they are led. The order came rather slow but it arrived in good condition. The packaging was appropriate and none of them were damaged. You can see the Light they give from the picture
Very good rate of price/quality. Has a very powerful light, doesn't hurts your eyes. I recommend this product.
I rated this product 3 stars because what it offers (remote control + RGB color bulb) was promising. However, the bulb has melted after 5 months with medium-low use (at night as company light).<br><br>Pros<br>Many possibilities of configuration and operation with the remote control.<br>Enough power as companion light.<br><br>Cons<br>Little durability of the bulb.
Even if i was order by mistake 110volt works fine in 220v here in Greece. I owned them for about 3 months now and all of them works perfect. <br>Unfortunately, i find them a bit bigger and they doesn't fit easily.
They seem to be of good quality and fit without any problems. <br>But check your delivery as soon as you receive it! I ordered only warm white but some of the delivered lights are cold white. The COB-LED part of cold white bulbs is more yellow while warm white is more orange. See attached picture, two bulbs on the left are cold white the others are warm white.
não correspondem as carateristicas das outras lampadas com esta referencia.<br>casquilho mais estreito que não segura no candeeiro, e a lampada cai.<br>não funciona.<br>contatei a gearbest e enviei fotos com a lampada original que tenho e a diferença é bem notoria e não procederam à troca.<br>NAO RECOMENDO - PESSIMO SERVIÇO - NAO COMPRO MAIS NESTE SITE
Excelente producto! carga muy facilmente, solo hay que encenderlo con el dispositivo que trae incluido . se instala tambien de manera muy rapida y muy util porque su sensor de movimiento tiene mucho alcance. Lo recomiendo ampliamente
It came quickly. It's OK but not very bright. It's very cheap but I think that the 3W it's fake. Not recommended.
Good quality power supply . Good quality for a cheap price. Very fast delivery-20 days. Very happy! Recommend!<br><br>Got 4 more of these, very well made, green led is a bonus
The lights work without any problems. They arrived safe and sound. The colours are beautiful, the remote control works properly. The only problem is that it gives not too much light. I could enjoy more lumen.
Ottimo prodotto da il suo dovere. Il rapporto qualità prezzo è molto buono. La spedizione gratuita è lenta ma efficace. si prenseta molto bene e la confezione è esaustiva. l'impermeabilità non so se dura.
I wanted a new head flashlight for me and my wife when we go fishing at night and we were very suprized from how bright they are. They use 2 18650 but not the type from e cigs. The positive pole must not be flat
Passen perfect en geven ook de gewenste lichtopbrengst in warm wit. Worden ook niet warm en zullen hopelijk dus lang meegaan. Ik ben alvast overtuigd.
YWXLight LED Rechargeable USB Flashlights Lighting Inbuilt Lithium Battery - Black, a very good product, very bright light the quality material, very well built, the price is very good, I recommend.
YWXLight 9W 500LM COB MR16 LED Spot Bulb it exactly the lamp that i need to my living room,<br><br>YWXLight 9W 500LM COB MR16 LED Spot Bulb the price is fair enough and the delivery time was very quick,<br><br>thanks
I've had before a couple of head torches but none of them was good as this one. I recommend it from my bottom of my heart. it's very strong and bright as well
Tiene muy buena calidad, el cuerpo de la bombilla está echo de silicona termica lo que le ayuda a que no se estropee rápido y también evita que se caliente mucho, me falta probarla pero creo que a tener mucha luminosidad a pesar del tamaño reducido que tiene, contento con la compra.
funciona correctamente, hay que regularla cuando llega, por que no estoy seguro de que estubiese seteada a 12 voltios, pero eso es normal. Tiene un led rojo que indica que está encendido, el cual yo he quitado por que la tengo permanentemente encendida, no hace ruido ni se queja del olor a pies. Contento