Ltd. is a leading bar code equipment product development, production providers, and constantly with the bar code equipment customers (commercial software, POS machines, touch screen, cash registers, bar code scanners, bar code printers, bar code scales, bills Printers, motherboards, cash boxes, peripheral supplies, shopping malls equipment, office equipment, industry media and other businesses) technical exchanges, research and development, analysis, for the global customers continue to create greater value. Brand management, tax control, tax documents, tobacco monopoly, drug supervision, ticketing management; enterprise manufacturing, warehouse management, inventory management, hotel management, government procurement, document management, tax documents, tobacco monopoly, drug supervision, Parts tracking, supply link tracking; commodity logistics, parcel scanning, e-mail and other industries. "People-oriented" business philosophy, and "unity and mutual assistance, professional responsibility and abide by the credibility, full of passion, the courage to innovate" corporate culture. The company's sales team and engineering and technical personnel to a wealth of field experience, excellent development strength, improve the quality control and customer service system, to provide you with a full range of OEM, ODM services and improve after-sales service guarantee.

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