Zanflare offers reliable, powerful, resistant tools with high level performance, guaranteeing the product is exactly the right one for you, and capable to adapt to all your demands.

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So I ordered this charger any came in everything was perfect it worked for about 3 months and then the quick charger stopped working. So I contacted the company and let them know what was happening and they assured me it was just a faulty charger. And they ship me out a new one. At no cost to me which absolutely blew my mind because a lot of companies don't even respond let alone care.<br><br>So the pros on this charger r one that's very big and can charge at qualcomm 3.0 amd be charger at qualcomm 3.0 which is amazing considering without it it would take a lot longer to charge that much.<br>You can charge two devices at once when using the 3.0 fast charge and one using the smart charge which won't hurt any device.<br>It comes with the nylon net case which is amazing for holding it and storing a couple mini USB. Overall I'd have to give it a 10 out of 10 same with the company<br><br>The only negative I ran into is that when you were at work and your co-workers see you have a charger they all want to use it. Other than that it's an extraordinary device<br>229 people found this helpful
I've had this portable charger for over 2 months now and I love the fact that it can pack so much into a small hefty brick. I carried this solely when I was on vacation and could charge my dSLR, phone, iPad in a bind when there was no wall outlet in sight. I was backpacking for 8 days straight and it was crucial to keeping all my electronics fully charged to capture all those memories and navigate my way. On a separate occasion, I've also used this to power my MBP 15" when I'm away from an outlet for more than 8 hours, and it lengthens my usage by another 5-6 hours, enough to last an entire day. I run Photoshop, Acrobat along with Windows on my machine, otherwise I'd have enough juice on the MBP on light usage (web browsing, Office) for the entire day.<br><br>Pros: Design, large battery rating, dynamic safe mode, AC plug, price (comparable to others), battery meter (LED light bar on top), auto shutoff<br>Cons: my Fitbit didn't draw enough current via the USB port, so the power bank kept shutting off during charging.
Purpose of buying<br>I bought this speaker in order to use with a projector. As the projector need to be really dark I nedeed some light but not too much. Since I saw this speaker I thought it could be a very good deal.<br>As It is possible to change the colour it is cool for a cinema environment at home.<br>Packaging<br>The item is well protected as the delivery was fast so happy about that.<br>Visual aspect<br>The feeling is good but I have to say is a litle bigger than expected and the weight is lighter texpected as well. Any way happy with the quality of materials.<br>Sound<br>The sound is good for this purpose. Enough power to enjoy a movie at home with children.<br>I have to say I do not need high volume so it is good for my standard.<br>Light<br>I only find this useful for watching movies with projector or for a party but I am in my forties so parties are better for yougers hehe.
Отличная RGB подсветка. <br>Минусов не заметил. <br>В принципе - все есть в описании товара, там и увидите ;) <br>Светодиодная полоса Zanflare S2 - это великолепная светодиодная полоса 2m USB с разъемами «plug and play», которая может работать с экономичными банками питания или сетевым питанием. Есть отличные варианты режимов (легкие погони), яркость, скорость и цвет. Важно, чтобы он был достаточно включен. Мне также нравится встроенный контроллер вместо ИК-пульта дистанционного управления. <br><br>В то время как Zanflare S2 дороже, чем некоторые варианты светодиодной полосы 12 В, высокая производительность, качественная конструкция, отличный диапазон режимов и дизайн «подключи и играй» от USB компенсируют дополнительную стоимость.
Let me start by saying that not only did I receive my order the very next day, but the delivery person made sure to call me and place it gently in my hand like a newborn child. That being said I lit the lamp and it smells really great, it's calming, relaxing, and has a tremendous affect on the room. I can't explain what's happening but it's all pure and good. I hope this helps the next potential buyer because I almost bought a whole piece salt lamp and those reviews ware not good at all. The salt pieces in this lamp make it way mods aesthetically pleasing as well as protects it against damages from delivery is wear & tear. Overall, Great product!!!!
Рекомендую!!!<br>По фотографиям кажется больше. В реальности совсем небольшая. Но при этом вполне неплохо освещает. Особенно нравится регулируемые уровни яркости. Можно использовать как ночник. Работает как фонарик. Зарядил и пользуешься.<br>аккумулятор реально 1200 мАч<br>светит до 8 часов на максимуме<br>Для освещение стола чтобы почитатьпосидеть за компом с головой<br>компактная
I've never had a color changing Bluetooth speaker before, but a lot of my friends do and I thought they were so cool. I love this!! It's so pretty seeing all of the different colors by just touching it. At night time, I use it on my nightstand as a night light as I can dim it with just a touch. During the daytime, I love listening to it on my iPhone, listening to IHeart Radio. Pairing this with my iPhone is so easy. The speaker sound is crystal clear and the volume range is loud enough but doesn't blast your ear off, which is very nice.
Fantastic and very bright outdoor (or indoor) lamp. <br>It has large solar panel which charges the included rechargeable 18650 type battery.<br>The LED lights are very bright providing strong light over a large area. <br>The different lighting settings work perfectly. <br>The lamp is foldable so you have great flexibility during installations to fit to your situation. <br>I highly recommend this product.
Wonderful and compact flashlight, with 3 different and useful settings, low, mid and POWERFUL. I want to highlight the POWERFUL mode because during a black-out it lighted up the whole house with a gentle light. Considering size and price the autonomy is great, 20 minutes for the best mode is even too much for the light it produces.
The sensor is working perfectly , the light bulb is arrived in good conditions and the color is a wonderful cold white.<br>La lampada funziona perfettamente , è arrivata in ottime condizioni e il sensore ad infrarossi funziona perfettamente. Il colore è un bianco freddo molto luminoso.
Love love love LOVE! I seriously cannot wait to buy more. I love the fact there is a cage covering the light bulb (because the last basket I had went through about 7 light bulbs because there was no protection) & the fact you can dim the light is amazing! The design is beautiful, you can tell it is a quality product. Beyond happy with my purchase!
I'm really impressed with this lamp. Very simple, touch button, different combinations of light temperature and brightness. Plus there's a wireless charger and extra USB port for charging.<br><br>Just be aware that you need an USB charger for the lamp to work. I used one I got with my old phone. Works just great. <br><br>Great value for money!
I was able to easily assemble this projector. The projector is actually larger than I thought. This is powered by a wall outlet and I like that the cord is really long and using an extension cord will make it longer. Each button is responsive and I like the ability to change the speed of projection and timer settings.
Ótima lanterna.<br>Acabamento excelente.<br>Carregamento por usb.<br>Tamanho pequeno, facilitando levar pra qualquer canto, até mesmo como chaveiro.<br>Luz surpreendentemente muito forte.
An absolutely perfect thing for a house as it works perfectly down the kitchen and matches my furniture. I recommend it the device to everyone who wants to improve lightning at home.
good zanflare 6.5W Led Spotlight Bulb Set of 10 - WHITE, good light quality, usefull, recomended, good price
I really like the utility of this pen/light/defensive instrument! The light output is very low in the first mode, great for up close work or to find a key. The high mode is good for walking or searching for something that was dropped. Great product.
Fantastic item. Works much better than the more expensive antenna I purchased for another television. I get a more reliable signal and more stations with this than another brand-name antenna. Will be ordering another for an additional room.
I love this thing! It makes me so happy to be able to turn it on and off with a wave of my hand. The lights are very bright, and it has been so useful when I'm cooking on the grill after dark or out with the dogs. I like it so much.
I went to a party where someone had these lights lining their driveway. They said that they had attached them using double-sided tape. They looked beautiful, and seemed easy to install - so I ordered them.
Lanterna de alta capacidade de luz e definição <br>sua qualidade de contrução duravel e resistente<br>ótima para sair a noite
I bought this as something sturdy for my toddler to carry around. It entertains her and will be good to bring on picnics and camping when it gets warm. It was easy to sync with my phone.
Cheaper than the direct competitors, but the quality is... So, the quality is poor. The only positive thing, that I receive back my money from Gearbest.
Excelente qualidade de acabamento<br>Luz intensa<br>Facilidade de mobilização<br><br>O envio foi extremamente rápido, demorou pouco mais de 1 semana.
Easy to install, very bright led block and good distance sensor. Has been working all winter without problems. Good package.
Great light, lasts a long time on a charge, lightweight. Both charge methods ( solar and USB) work well. Really good value.
- cheap.<br>- good brightness .<br>- feel solid.<br>- SS bezel.<br>- no strobe.<br>- has both lanyard and clip.
Looks good and has USB power as well, I like it. It has Red, Cool White and Warm White colors and also includes a battery.
otimo , faz oque promete, nao sei sobre a durabilidade, mas o produto cumpre o prometido vou testar mais ainda ...
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