ZANMAX is a manufacturer specialized in outdoor gear and accessories, mechanical tools and more for repair, renowned for their combination of utility, protection and unparalleled innovation.

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I have had this watch for about a week and really enjoy it. Here are the highlights.<br><br>Battery life - be sure to cycle the watch from 100% to totally dead (watch shuts down) 3 times. When I use it to check and answer messages and check the time 4-5 times an hour, I had 55% power left after 18 hours. Used it for sleep monitoring overnight and woke up to 25% battery left. When I used it with watch face always on, google fitness workout monitoring for 1.5 hours, checking and answering messages, changing watch faces every hour and using a few phone apps, I had 25% battery left after 18 hours. I used it for sleep monitoring that night and needed to charge first thing in the morning. I am happy with the battery life on this watch.<br><br>Apps - very happy! I use my watch as a step counter, timepiece, calendar event tracking and messages on email and text messages. It has really performed well for these functions. The step counter is pretty accurate compared to my Fitbit. Using fit workout for my ice skating workout, the heart rate seemed pretty close when I would stop and manually measure my pulse. I use talk to text to answer text messages and it works well. The weather also updates regularly.<br><br>Comfort - the watch is quite comfortable to wear when I work out, work, do dishes in the sink, and for general use. I like the size, it fits my female wrist very nicely.<br><br>What would I improve? Mobvoi, could you PLEASE put something in your watch software that would make the watch vibrate when Bluetooth connection with the watch is lost? My phone is not the greatest and it loses BT connection a couple of times per day. I would love it if my watch would tell me the connection is lost so I can take care of the problem.<br><br>I am still exploring everything this watch can do. For my needs, it has done a great job. Still trying to tweak watch faces to make them show all of the info that I would like to see. Overall, I am extremely happy with this watch. It recharges quickly, stays charged all day to allow me to play with apps and keep up with the info I need. I will try to update after a few months of heavy use!
Gone are the hit and miss days of ""bake at 350 for two hours"" and hope that your roasts are done correctly. Nowadays we use instant read thermometers to guage our cooking time. If we go to a friends house for a BBQ I often toss the thermometer into our bag as my husband is often asked to grill. We have also been known to toss ours into the suitcase when traveling to timeshares, etc.<br>This thermometer is one of THE BEST out there. The unit turns on when you extend the probe. Once the probe is inserted the temperature is displayed in large, easy to read (code, you can see it without your readers!) digital display. When you are done and fold in the probe, the unit turns off.<br>I highly recommend this thermometer- we have purchased several and our friends have also purchased as well. I usually order in black and orange- it is not our kitchen color but it is easy to find on a crowded counter and also to find when taking other places.
Whether your an experienced snorkeler or a newbie, this mask is right for you! It's easy to breathe through this mask either floating on top of the water or bringing your head completely out. Water in the snorkel pipe flows out and not into your mask or mouth and you can breathe through nose and/mouth. The 180 view is amazing compared to regular goggles - let's face it, you don't want to miss a cool fish or sea turtle because your view is limited. Occasional fog up did occur but not terrible enough I needed to remove and wipe out. The mask does make you more buoyant, which is actually a great thing because if you're staying at the water surface, It takes less energy to stay afloat thus allowing you time to rest and relax. If you have a go pro, it's has much more fun. Don't delay. Try it out!
This is great! Runs for a long time before dying. I'm a little confused why the red lights continue to blink while it's charging, but it's ok. Came on time, works great! Got used to it really fast! The only problems I've noticed is the really loud voice with a hard to understand accent when you turn it on and pair to Bluetooth. Also, the speakers start to cut out a little when you ride it. I recommend buying a case if you are worried about scratching because it scratched the first time I rode it outside. The little battery sign on the top starts to blink when it's getting low, and turns red and starts beeping when it's about to die. I would recommend this!
Arrivata in tempi brevissimi e con un imballo perfetto.<br>Di ottima qualità, pari a quella che si trova in altri centri commerciali ma ad un prezzo più basso.<br>La plastica gommosa che impedisce all'acqua di entrare nella maschera è molto morbida e si modella al viso. Io ho preso la misura S/M che va bene per i bambini e per adulti con una testa piccola.<br>Il tubo rigido della respirazione di stacca facilmente per una completa pulizia della maschera.<br>Compreso nel pacco anche l'aggancio per la sportcam.
My son originally had a hoverboard from another company that burned out so I've been looking for a replacement. Before buying I did a lot of research on the UL certifications so i could find a safe hoverboard. I was a little skeptical at the price, but the hover board quality is amazing! My son says it's better than his last one (which was a $300 board i got him over the summer).
My daughter got a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas, so I was in search of one for my son. I purchased this one because it had great reviews and I can see why. He loves it. It took him about 5 minutes to set up and he feels the sound quality is great. It has functions like being able to answer calls that he really doesn't use but for an adult that feature would great.
I am a tool junkie and tend to buy tools that I believe will be useful for future projects. I believe that this tool will live up to its expectations. Nothing is more frustrating than a screw or bolt that won't be removed. I have not used the tool yet but already have at least one job in mind. I like the looks of the tool and believe it will do the job.
A helper! I just had back surgery 3 week ago. I live in a 2 story home and all showers are on the 2nd floor and i cant go upstairs for a month. This is a life saver as I take a shower in my garage. Just fill a bucket of hot water and I finally get refreshed again. I have been used it few times. This is well worth the price and is holding up well.
Nice. You can change the combo. Not too heavy. Not too big. It's not going to stop a committed criminal. But if you go into Wawa to buy some water it might stop a teenager from jumping on your bike and pedaling away. So it's a deterrent. Someone can cut it - but he might think twice that he'll draw some attention to himself.
Useful screwdriver set with a lot of good quality screws. The magnet on screws are also doing a great job. What I like the most and also miss in past is flexible shaft. I recommend this screwdriver repair tool set.
Good timing. Having a team picnic coming up and looking for a set of grill to use. Ran across this set, it has everything that an average person need for grilling. Supplied a carrying case to nicely organize and couldn't believe it's really light weighted. Can't wait to use and show off to the team.
The hammock is fairy good for my family, especially for my daughter. We tie it on one big tree. My daughter likes sleeping on it after school. The quality is not bad, and it can hold my daughter and I. A little deficiency is that the two ropes separating from the hammock are too short to tie.
This crimper is great. I already owned a pair and decided to buy a second. I do electrical work for work and have used it many times in the control circuitry. Sometimes I am working on 2 things at once and so I bought the second pair so I am not always running back and forth for them.
It is a practically designed product, lightweight, rather small in size when folded. Very easy to fold up or unfold. It seems well-manufactured, hopefully it will last longer than for a single use. A black transport case is included which is nice.
This is the best invention I've seen out there. I thought it is unnecessary in the past and this product changed my opinion with its performance for the price. Sturdy and works very well. If you often do repairing works solo, you will find how useful it is, like me.
Absolutely perfect!! Exactly what I needed, and then some. Thought I was going to have to purchase a new ps4. Bought this tool kit to be able to open up the game console. Just needed a good cleaning and all is well!! I saved a fortune. HUGE thumbs up for this product!
Якісний інструмент. Хороша ціна. В комплекті є дві латки для ремонту проколу колеса. Для ремонту в дорозі велосипеда думаю буде достатньо.
These are absolutely awesome. My 5-year-old son uses them to communicate with me at his older sisters softball games. So much fun. Durable and alerts you when out of range from the other. Batteries last a long time in them as well.
Nicely packed. Timely delivery. The product is working nicely. Quite a useful device, especially to measure body temp of kids, who do not hold a traditional thermometer.
Great product! I use it for both my motorcycle and basketball. It pumps the air really fast and easy to use. It's amazing it also has a LED light, so I can also pump my motorcycle at night.
Just started using this reel and love it. I have two of the spinning reels and have used them fo0r some time in salt water and they have been flawless. Great product at any price.
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einfache Bedienung und gute Qualität, gutes Design
Buena calidad de navaja