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These meat claws are strong, sharp, and really do make shredding cooked meat easier. Before I bought these, I pulled pork (and beef, and chicken) with two forks. That always took more time and effort than I thought it should, and my hands were always tired and sometimes achy afterwards. So, for an upcoming family gathering where I planned to pull two whole pork shoulders, I wanted a better method. I ordered a set of these, but as the date of the gathering drew near, and I worried I would not get these claws in time, I bought a different pair of meat-pulling claws at a local store. Then, these arrived, in time for the gathering. As a result, I was able to "test drive" both types of tools. I have to say that using these Cave Tools claws is the superior way to pull pork shoulder into shreds. The grips on these tools allow them to work like extensions to my knuckles, and they really do allow the user to pull an entire pork shoulder into shreds in just a couple of minutes, versus what I estimate would have been 10 to 15 minutes of work using two forks, and would have resulted in tired "people paws" afterward. Great claws!!!
I got all this product within 10 days of ordering to Mumbai, India. Thanks a lot gearbest for such a fast service. I will highly recommend this website for everyone. <br> <br>Now come to the product, this table mat is really made up of high quality silicone. The Material is really flexible, soft and most importantly appropriate for its size. It looks really nice and is dishwasher proof. It is also resistant to 200 degree Celsius temperature utensils. Can be used in refirgerator too for keeping hot utensils. <br> <br>Can also be used to lift off or hold hot utensils. <br> <br>I will highly recommend this product for everyone for daily use. I am attaching some pictures and videos of this product.Hope it helps, Recommended Product
This works great! My 3 and 5-year-olds are always asking for cherries but it's such a mess having to cut out the pits or have them chew around it. The 5-year-old used this on his own and the 3-year-old needed only a little help squeezing it closed. It seems to be very durable and easy to clean and store. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because it does tend to occasionally lock itself when you close it on a cherry, but once you figure out that's what's happening it's only a minor annoyance. It gets probably 8 out of 10 pits on the first try so you do have to watch for the pit to fall before popping them in your mouth(or in a pie etc) but I haven't found any pitters that get 100% on the first try. We found that if you're sure to line up the stem hole with the top it's much more likely to work on the first try. Overall we're very happy with this product.
So I've had my Pop bottle for about a month now. When it arrived I was so happy with my purchase. I love the way the bottle looks and feels. Everyone else really likes the way it looks as well. It does keep everything cold for a day. My husband takes it filled with coffee on his trips. He says the coffee stays hot for 6 hours, and he likes his coffee hot. It fits in all of our cup holders. I have a pretty large bag and it fits comfortably in it. The only negative I have found is that the bottle has to stay standing upright, or it will leak. It doesn't leak a lot, but I do have some stains inside my purse from it leaking. This even happens when the bottle is only half full. Do not overfill it, because it will leak quite a bit. I would recommend this bottle to others because it does fit my needs.
Have been very pleased with these strainers so far. Excellent value for the price - have seen ones in the store a twice or more the price and they don't seem nearly as well made. These are light-weight but seem very durable. At first, I was concerned about how "shallow" the largest one is as I planned to use it for straining my pasta - but it turns out that it's a bit wider than any old one I had so it actually holds the same amount. Love that I was able to get 3 different sizes (and that nest nicely) for such a great price. The company appears to be very customer service oriented as well. Received helpful information and a nice offer along with the product - as well as follow-up emails asking if we had received our product and were happy with it.
potreboval som mlynček na kávu skúsil som kúpiť tento a melie dobre <br>má keramické hlavy <br>vnútro je plastové <br>obal je z kovu <br>je kvalitný a melie sa celkom ľahko <br>skrutkou sa nastavuje jemnosť mletej kávy <br>z nákupom som celkom spokojný <br> <br>I needed a coffee grinder I tried to buy this and it is good <br>has ceramic heads <br>the inside is plastic <br>the packaging is made of metal <br>it's good quality and it's going to be easy <br>the fine grain of the ground coffee is set by the screw <br>I'm quite satisfied with the purchase
I got all this product within 10 days of ordering to Mumbai, India. Thanks a lot gearbest for such a fast service. I will highly recommend this website for everyone. <br> <br>Now come to the product, this cutter is really made up of high quality materials. The cube is really smooth with good finish and is reusable. <br> <br>It is made up of food grade steel S304 and is FDA approved. <br> <br>I will highly recommend this product for everyone for daily use. I am attaching some pictures and videos of this product.Hope it helps, Recommended Product
My house needed these so badly! lol. We have been using steel tongs all our life but these have been so good. The grip on them is perfect and the ability to adjust the width is just amazing. They come in two and both can be used for anything from flipping pancakes, barbecues etc. I thought the silicone base was going to burn but luckily it did not and has been functioning without any issues so far. The locking mechanism works smoothly and helps to keep them in drawers. These are a little expensive for just two tongs but in my opinion, these are really good in quality and I am ok with adjusting for quality over that price!
We are enjoying these silicone tongs! You can use them in any pan without scrapping and damaging your pans! They sit above the counter surface when you set them down keeping them clean. The different lengths of the tongs is great! You can use the shorter ones with lighter foods or foods that do not splatter when you are close to the stove. The longer length helps when do not want to sprayed with hot oil! You will discover new things to use these tongs for the longer you have them in your kitchen. You get 2 for the price of 1! You will love them!
I love this container. It's no problems with dishwasher and microwave. The air hole works great, and no leakage in the box. Big enough for one person. Can take it to many places especially park at weekend for picnic. Can be folded which save much space. What's more, the shape is cute, love the folk. Blue is my favorite color. I bought another for my husband. Different color options will be better so I can easily distinguish mine.
El contenedor es perfecto, es bastante grande como para cargar un una comida muy completa y se puede usar en el horno microhondas, la función de plegado es perfecta para ahorrar espacio luego de consumir los alimentos, lo cual es maravilloso cuando se tiene jornadas largas.
escolhi essa classificação porque gostei do produto, gostei pelo fato de que ela isola bem o liquido, o quente mantem quente e o frio mantem frio, eu não gostei da embalagem pois achei muito, fragio, a vantagem é que o preço é bem apetitoso, e a desvantagem é o material da embalagem, muito fragio, mas com certeza recomendo para os amigos!!!!!
Great buy!! I would have given it 5 stars if the temperature regulation would have been easy to control. There was only a slight breeze every once in a while and it really affected the temp. Other than that it worked perfectly! I used it to make Malasadas (Portuguese Doughnuts) for Fat Tuesday and it cut our cooking time in half. The doughnuts came out perfectly!!!
Удивительно хорошая термофляга от собственной марки гирбеста. Видели подобные в оффлайн-магазинах. Эта и дешевле, и выглядит даже симпатичнее и еще в комплекте имеет чехол. На вид сделана добротно. В деле не применяли. Купили на подарок.
This is absolutely beautiful. At first when I was about to open the box I was a little hesitate because I don't know which two should be put in...I have many kinds of granules..maybe I need buy more grinders. It does an amazing job. I wanted something useful and good to look at to display in my kitchen and this one is great.
Recommended!!!<br>I use this to mix my Laird coffee creamer and my fit for life hydrolyzed collagen in my coffee every morning. It was cheaper than some I looked at and does a great job. I have used it about a week now every morning. Rinses clean. Will also make your milk frothy if you like your coffee that way.
- Good product <br>- Good material<br>- Good build quality<br>- Compact<br>- Nice to use<br>- Good product <br>- Good material<br>- Good build quality<br>- Compact<br>- Nice to use
Since I bought this pair of gloves, I hand the number of injured almost none.Take this pair of gloves, I can wash the dishes, relax chopping vegetables and do manual cake etc.This is some of the design of the friction to the outside of the gloves, it can facilitate our work.
- well build<br>- sturdy design <br>- makes dull knifes sharp knifes in lest than one minute<br>- easy to use
I live in my kitchen and wanted an extra measuring spoon set for my recipes. My objectives were spoons that were metal, durable, low profile to easily fit into containers, the ability to remove them from other spoons if needed, and attractiveness.
When I got these, they came very sharp and ready to use. It's very comfortable for me to use. The holes for the hands are a nice size, too.
This is very excellent multifunctional sport bottle, with four interchangleable lids . For home use, for sport, coffee, outdoor, school etc. High quality product from steel. Recommneded !!!
I have only had these two items for less than a month but I have used them almost daily. So far no problems. They are very sharp which I LOVE! And they will grate just about on anything. Quality is very very very good.
Great meat thermometer. Shows a temperature fast. I like design, the contact element is thin and easy to put in meat (most thermometers has a thick contact element, that not so easy to use). LED. I choose it.
Very solid stainless steel. Good for very dirty pots and other kitchen utilities ( not for delicate ones, though!) Can also protect your table against hot pot.
They work great! I bought these to make my perfect round sunny side up eggs for my English muffins. They are good and do their job. Plan to use for baking and making patties.
Acceptable price. <br>Easy to use. <br>Charging from a USB computer or from a power supply.<br>A good set of additional accessories.
We have wanted to get these for a long time! My husband loves using them ! We use crock pot a lot and this helps shred meat! They Are functional and Fun!
I wasn't sure what to expect with these but they are AMAZING! They work just as advertised. My things don't boil over even when I leave them on high.
Nice design, 500ml, in package u got little transfer bag. It's really useful ! <br><br>I'm really excited whit this product ! i can recommend